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Predeparture Information

Visa Process

If you are not a citizen of a European Union member country, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway or Switzerland then you must apply for a visa to study in France.  You will be issued a “visa long séjour pour études”.


To register with Campus France, go to www.usa.campusfrance.org/en. Click on “Applications” and read carefully “Students already accepted” section and follow the procedure. Disregard the section “study in France” (grey box on the homepage) since you already have been accepted in a program in France.

During the Campus France application, you will have to upload the “Certificat de Scolarité” which is the official letter acceptance (enclosed) from CEFAM.

Once you have finished your Campus France application, you will have to pay $190 fees on line and email the letter of acceptance (enclosed) and other required documents to Campus France.  All steps are well explained on the Campus France website.  Campus France process takes maximum 3 weeks from the time that they received your email with all the required documents, unless you pay for the 3-day expedited service ($340).  PLEASE REGISTER AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.

Once you get the approval from Campus France, you must apply for your visa which is usually granted within 3 to 5 working days at the nearest French consulate or Visa Center after your interview.

To apply for your visa, please go to https: //france-visas.gouv.fr and follow the procedure.

Depending on the address that you enter on the Campus France application (home or school), you will make an appointment with the Consulate or Visa Center that Campus France assigned to you. Be aware that it may be in different cities if your home institution is not in the same state as your home.

After making an appointment on line to the Consulate or Visa Center, you will have to go in person for your interview. Documents (financial, academic etc) to bring to the interview may vary from a consulate or Visa Center to another.

If you are an international student studying in the United States, you might be able to apply in your home country or you might have to apply in the US depending on the requirements for student visa application of your home country.  The requirements and documents to apply for a student visa can be found on the French Consulate website of your home country.

For any questions regarding your visa application, please contact the call center number:

1-212-784-6157 or 1-347-252-3055

Health & Insurance

Study abroad students at CEFAM for a semester are registered with the French Social Security for no additional cost. The French Social Security covers 70% of your medical expenses. Reimbursements can only be made by wire transfers on French bank accounts which implies that students open a bank account in France.

We suggest that study abroad students also subscribe to an international health plan in their home country. CEFAM also offers students to register with April insurance, a private health plan in France that covers 100% of the medical expenses. Reimbursements with April Insurance can be made on a foreign bank account. Please note that reimbursements on foreign accounts incur international wire transfer fees.

Study abroad at CEFAM for a summer are automatically registered with April health insurance and the cost is included in the summer bill. Students in france for a summer do not need to register with the French social security.

Living Abroad

Lien pdf intitule “Study Abroad Guide”

Optional services

CEFAM provides its study abroad students with a choice of optional services including an airport pick-up and accommodation. We also offer our students to participate in cultural activities to broaden their French experience.
Please find below the optional services provided by CEFAM.
For any questions or interests regarding the services and activities, please contact Aurèle Legrand by email aurele.legrand@cefam.fr or by phone +33 472 85 17 61.

Airport Pick-up

from Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 6:00pm :80.00 €

Accomodation: 2 options

Option 1: 3 360.00 €
Apartment with private bathroom and kitchen
840€ per month
10 minutes away from the main campus
(Includes Housing, Taxes, Insurance, Wifi, Bedding, kitchen necessities, etc..)

Option 2: 4 520.00 €
Housing in a host family in Lyon
1130€ per month
Includes Bed & Breakfast and 7 meals per week
Refundable Housing deposit for option 1
300.00 €