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Predeparture Information

Visa Process

Students coming to study at CEFAM for more than 90 days will be issued a “visa long séjour temporaire pour études”. Any student who is not a citizen of a European Union member country, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, or Switzerland must apply for a visa to study in France.

There are 3 essential steps for visa applications:

  1. Registration with Campus France
  2. Registration with the French Office of Immigration and Integration (Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration – OFII).
  3. Visa Application

Campus France Registration


Students should register with Campus France early. Officially, the Campus France process takes 2 weeks; however, at busy times of the year, it can take up to 4 weeks.

To register with Campus France:

  1. Go to Campus France in the English version,
  2. Click on “Application”, then “Students already accepted” and read the “ Study Abroad or Exchange Students” section carefully,
  3. Follow the procedure.

Once students receive approval from Campus France by email on their Campus France account, they must register with the French Office of Immigration and Integration (Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration – OFII).

OFII Registration

As of June 1, 2009, all students studying in France for longer than 90 days must also register with OFII.

  1. The Resident (or OFII) form can be found on the website of any French Consulate or Embassy.
  2. Print out this application, COMPLETE THE TOP HALF ONLY, and submit it to the appropriate Consulate with the visa application.

Visa Application

After receiving approval from Campus France and completing the OFII form, students can apply for a visa.

Visas are usually granted within 3 to 5 working days by the nearest French consulate or Embassy.

Students should be sure to check all the requirements carefully on the French consulate website. Requirements can vary from one consulate to another and students may have to go in person.

International students studying in the United States can apply for a French visa either in the US (some additional documents may be required) or in their home country. Students who are not American are strongly advised to check out the requirements for student visa applications on the French Embassy site of their home country and provide those as well.

Procedure upon Arrival in France

After submitting the OFII form, students will be contacted by the OFII services:

– Students will be asked to appear for an interview and medical examination.

– The following documents will be required for the appointment

– When the process is approved and finished, a registration stamp will be added to the student’s passport.

Health & Insurance

Study abroad students at CEFAM for a semester are registered with the French Social Security and the cost is included in the semester bill. The French Social Security covers 70% of your medical expenses. Reimbursements can only be made by wire transfers on French bank accounts which implies that students open a bank account in France.

We suggest that study abroad students also subscribe to an international health plan in their home country. CEFAM also offers students to register with April insurance, a private health plan in France that covers 100% of the medical expenses. Reimbursements with April Insurance can be made on a foreign bank account. Please note that reimbursements on foreign accounts incur international wire transfer fees.

Study abroad at CEFAM for a summer are automatically registered with April health insurance and the cost is included in the summer bill. Students in france for a summer do not need to register with the French social security.

Living Abroad

Lien pdf intitule “Study Abroad Guide”