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Interview of Eric Siegel

Interview of Eric Siegel, professor of Economics and Finance classes at CEFAM

“After I finished my bachelor’s degree in Michigan, I was looking for a job.  With a big stroke of luck, I found one working for an independent stock broker on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.   We catered to a clientele of professional traders- guys who ran small independent hedge funds, and niche trading desks in bigger banks.   It was a fascinating environment, and beyond learning our business, I began to learn what my clients did- many of whom were trading stock options.  When I decided it was time to move on, my boss proposed backing me to open an option trading fund of my own.  This was an opportunity not to be missed, and so for the next 5 years I threw myself into stock options, trading on the floor of the American Stock Exchange.

It was a wild ride, but eventually I wanted to move on from there, and decided to do an MBA.  For a number of reasons, I chose to study in Lyon Lyon, and we moved to France.   The classes that I really loved during my studies were economics- for me it opened up a whole new way of understanding the world.  In the first years after the MBA I worked in a few different jobs, and met a lot of people in Lyon, including the director of CEFAM at the time, Patrick Hurley.  He put me in touch with Mary, who I got to know, and who invited me to teach a class on options in her finance class.  The next year, CEFAM wanted someone new to teach Principles of Macro, I happily took it, and the rest is history!”