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Graduate program

Students who have graduated with or completed 3 years toward a Bachelor in Business can join CEFAM for the Fourth year.

International students or French students residing abroad may apply directly to CEFAM’s fourth year in Lyon assuming they have completed a minimum of 3 years of higher education in business elsewhere. Students may then earn the CEFAM degree in one year and go onto take advantage of CEFAM’s graduate partners either in the US or in France, earning their Master’s in just one additional year.

CEFAM’s Master’s degree partners are:

  • Monmouth University
  • University of Mary Washington
  • La Salle University
  • ISC Paris

In order to enroll in the 4th year at CEFAM, complete our online application.

The following items will also be required along with the application form:

  • 3 ID photographs
  • A photocopy of the student’s national ID card or passport
  • Photocopy of the student’s High School diploma (or equivalent) and any other previously earned degrees
  • University and course descriptions for successfully completed courses should also be submitted when applying
  • There is then an entrance exam, which will be organized online, with a motivational interview done by telephone and/or by Skype. The international entrance exam fees are 130€ for the fourth year

The entrance exam consists of:

  • Written English (1.5 hours)
  • Listening Comprehension (30 minutes)
  • Case Study (2 hours)
  • Motivation Interview: the interview committee will try to assess your personality and your ability to successfully complete the CEFAM program (30 minutes)

Only complete applications will be processed

For further information, please contact Rachel Stowe, Director of International Enrollment at rachel.stowe@cefam.fr or +33 7 66 71 96 85.