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Undergraduate program

Fall and Spring admissions are both possible at CEFAM

International Entrance Exams

International students or French students residing abroad can apply to CEFAM, assuming they have earned a high school diploma (or equivalent). The admissions test will be organized in the student’s school abroad, by telephone and/or by Skype.
The international entrance exam fees are 140€ for the undergraduate program.

Applications for international students

To apply to CEFAM, students must fill out the online application form or download the application form, complete it, and return it to CEFAM at least 10 days before the selected exam date. The following items must be submitted with the completed form:

  • 3 ID photographs
  • A photocopy of the student’s national ID card or passport
  • Photocopy of the student’s High School diploma (or equivalent) and any other previously earned degrees
  • Grade reports from the last 1 and/or 2 academic years
  • Course descriptions for successfully completed university courses, where appropriate

To apply, just follow these steps:

>> Download the Application Form

  • Fill out the form online or return the application form to CEFAM by post or email, accompanied by the various required documents
  • Pay the entrance exam fees on-line (140€)

In case of questions, feel free to contact Maude at +33(0)

Only complete applications will be processed

Next steps:

Once you have applied online or by post, you will be able to take your entrance exam in your country.

  1. You need to find your exam center (your current academic institution will usually agree to organize the entrance exam)
  2. Provide Cefam with the necessary contact information of your academic institution (Name of the person who will organize the exam with us, mail, and phone number)
  3. Cefam will inform you by email of the date and time of your entrance exam; be sure to confirm your availability
  4. Applicants will be informed of the admission decision within 2 weeks



CEFAM recognizes the rigorous level of work required by the IB program and regards such work very favorably in reaching its admissions decisions.

In addition, students who have completed the IB Diploma or the individual examinations may be eligible for academic credit at our American partner universities (if they have earned a score of 5, 6 or 7 on the higher level examinations).

Student requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and the awarding of credit will be at the discretion of the partner universitites. The admission process will be simplified as you will only have to have a phone/skype interview with CEFAM.

Welcome to CEFAM!
CEFAM provides its study abroad students with a choice of optional services including an airport pickup
and accommodation. We also offer our students to participate in cultural activities to broaden their
French experience.
Please find below the optional services provided by CEFAM:  CEFAM optional services 

For further information, please contact contact us: severine.durbano@cefam.fr