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Professional competency recognition

Professional Competency Recognition (VAE)

Professional Competency Recognition is a measure that allows anyone, whatever their age, level of education, or status  , registered with the National Registry of Professional Certifications (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles – R.N.C.P.)

How Does the Process Work?

In most cases, the candidate must submit a report detailing his or her professional experience and acquired competencies. He or she must then appear before a jury that will decide to attribute the intended degree either entirely or partially.

In the case of partial recognition of competencies, recommendations will be made to the candidate in preparation for complete recognition.

VAE and Higher Education

Anyone can obtain recognition for their personal and professional experience in order to gain admission to educational programs for which they do not have the necessary prerequisite degree (decree of August 23, 1985).

The social modernization law of January 17, 2002 that created the VAE measure allows professionals to go one step further by authorizing universities and other institutions of higher education to confer their degrees or qualifications through a channel other than training or apprenticeship. The minimum required length of professional experience necessary to qualify for the VAE measure is currently one year.

Who can qualify for the VAE Process?

Everyone has the right to request recognition of his or her professional experience:

  • Salaried employees
  • Temporary employees
  • Unemployed workers whether or not they are receiving benefits
  • Social workers, volunteers, etc

The only required condition is to have worked a minimum of one year in a field having a direct relation to the content of the targeted degree.

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