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Higher Education Exploratory Program

Launch Your Global Career in France with CEFAM’s Higher Education Exploratory Program

This program is for graduating secondary students who are still determining where they want higher education to take them. It is an opportunity to examine the world and yourself before making that decision. At CEFAM, we recognize that this is the reality for a growing number of graduating seniors. We also realize how many are seeking remarkable and unique experiences after graduation.

CEFAM is therefore offering the opportunity to come to our campus in Lyon and enroll for 1 or 2 semesters in our Higher Education Exploratory Program. You will be learning within a variety of fields while assimilating into Lyon. The courses will all be part of a General Education curriculum, fully transferable in US or ECTS credits, and applicable to essentially any major. This will allow you to begin your university career without having to make that major choice right away.

CEFAM will also provide specialty advising to guide you in choosing what you wish to study on your university path beyond the Exploratory Program. By definition, CEFAM is an International School of Management, therefore we will offer workshops in professional development, specializing in how you can present your experience at CEFAM and in Lyon, and illustrate how it has made you a stronger student and professional.

Finally, Lyon is the perfect location for exploring Europe. An international airport and 3 fast train stations make traveling around the continent quite easy. We strongly encourage our Exploratory students to do just that as we recognize travel to be an integral part of self-discovery.

The price for the Higher Education Exploratory Program is 11.000€ per semester for the 2021-22 Academic year and includes:

To apply, just send the following documents to Rachel Stowe, Director of International Enrollment at rachel.stowe@cefam.fr

Students who participate will enjoy automatic acceptance into CEFAM’s dual degree program!!!