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“Having such a diverse mix of students at CEFAM is an enriching experience for both the professors and other students. We are able to have a diverse set of viewpoints during a discussion, and I believe this crucial to the development of future global business leaders.”

-Erin Monaghan, Head of Faculty

“International students are invaluable to a student body. At CEFAM, we offer international students an incredible opportunity: our program of dual degrees, language acquisition, and the chance to fully globalize their network through relationships, internships, and corporate partners. Internationalized education is vital to fully equip young professionals to enter a globalized world. This puts all CEFAM students at an extraordinary advantage: to develop into competent professionals and compassionate people. This is why I’ve dedicated my career to internationalizing classrooms and why I’ve chosen to do so here at CEFAM.”

-Rachel Stowe, Director of International Enrollment

Earn your dual degree at CEFAM!

CEFAM allows students to earn a double diploma: an American BBA and a French Business Degree or a Canadian BBA and a French Business Degree. All courses are taught in English.

CEFAM is, by definition, an international institution, and therefore welcomes students from all around the world. With 25 % international students, we celebrate the diverse points of view in our classrooms. Furthermore, CEFAM alumni are currently living and working in over 60 countries! 

Students can enroll at CEFAM in their first year out of secondary school or as transfer students. CEFAM has 3 intakes: Fall, Spring and Summer.

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