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Clubs & associations

Extracurricular Activities

In keeping with the American university model, the extracurricular activities available at CEFAM are an integral part of our program. Participation in these activities offers an exceptional opportunity for both personal and professional development.

Choosing CEFAM means choosing to experience fulfilling multicultural extracurricular activities. Each CEFAM student is involved in one or more extracurricular activities or projects every year:

Student projects can range anywhere from doing humanitarian work , publishing the school yearbook, organizing traditional CEFAM events like Thanksgiving, Halloween, and the African Dinner, or participating in a sporting event. CEFAM’s student associations offer lots of opportunities to develop your personal qualities.

Student Associations

The Student Council

Student representatives who act as liaisons between administration, professors, and students.

CEFAMOUS – CEFAM Ambassadors

An opportunity to become CEFAM’s ambassador throughout the world during various promotional activities, including student fairs, informational meetings organized by CEFAM, or high school events.

CEFAM Connect

The aim of this association is to represent the school and develop corporate partnerships with companies in France and abroad.

Social Event Committee

Traditional American holidays become exceptional events at CEFAM each year for students and faculty.


Each year, a group of students organizes CEFAM’s traditional end-of-the-year gala event, a definite highlight in the school year for CEFAM students.


The yearbook presents the main events of the school year as well as the pictures and names of all the students.

Athletic Clubs

Soccer, cheerleaders, swimming

Other Clubs

Photography, baking club, fundraising committee