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Lyon, France

In Lyon and only in Lyon…

Moving to Lyon means choosing to live in one of the most exciting and attractive cities in Europe. A destination that is competitive and international, each year Lyon attracts more students, businesses, and talent.

Why Lyon?

The second largest metropolitan area in France, Lyon has a population of 2.1 million, including one-third under the age of 20. It is a city that has achieved the rare status of being considered a major European metropolis, offering all the advantages of such in terms of housing, shops, and transportation, yet still manages to preserve the quality of life of a smaller town. 

The 2000 year old historic center is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Artistic creativity thrives and cultural activities abound year round. The Festival of Lights illuminates the city every December and in the springtime, the “Festival des Nuits Sonores” has Lyon dancing to the sound of the latest electronic music. During the summer, the Vienne Jazz Festival and the “Nuits de Fourvière” concert series give a preview of the upcoming vacation season. Lyon truly offers a wide selection of cultural events of international caliber.

Lyon’s fine cuisine is an integral part of the local way of life. The capital of French gastronomy, the city offers numerous options such as the popular charm of its famous “bouchon” bistros, the refined elegance of its two-and-three-star gourmet restaurants, and the warm lively atmosphere of its open-air markets.

Lyon: A City at the Heart of Europe

Lyon’s wonderful location makes travelling easy. Lyon is on average a 1.5 hour flight or train from any major European city, including Barcelona, Milan, Turin, and Geneva. The bullet trains put Lyon at 1 hour 50 minutes from Paris, and 5 hours from London (Eurostar).

Study abroad students at CEFAM typically use their weekends to travel to Paris, the French Riviera, or the Alps and plan longer trips during their semester break.