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2 degrees: France & USA

Dual French and American Degrees

The quality of the American university system’s organization and the value of its degrees have become the standard in management education throughout the world.

Companies all over the world recruit our students for their international attitude and ability to work in English.


Undergraduate – Dual Degrees: An American BBA and a French degree certified Level I by the French government

CEFAM allows ALL of its students to spend a year in an American university. Objective: to earn an American BBA degree from an AACSB accredited Business School.

4th Year in the United States

If students complete their program with a 4th year in the United States, they simultaneously obtain:

4th Year at CEFAM

If students complete their 4th year at CEFAM, they obtain a degree certified Level I by the French government if they realize an internship abroad.

After completing their 4th year in France or in the United States, CEFAM graduates can continue their education with an MBA or MS degree in Siena College, La Salle University, Monmouth, and Univiversity of Mary Washington.