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    69009 Lyon, FRANCE
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A French-American Approach to Learning

CEFAM strives to combine the best of both the French and the American academic systems:

At CEFAM, we encourage students to find personal fulfillment and bring true meaning to their education and careers.

CEFAM provides access to an excellent education while taking into consideration the needs and expectations of today’s companies in an ever changing world.


A Company Focused Educational Program

Our faculty’s main objective is to train future decision makers and managers who will use their skills and know-how to help companies succeed.

Our role is to allow each student to develop his or her own educational path. CEFAM’s MASTER OF COMPETENCE® program gives all our students the ability to define their skills, know-how, and attitudes while at the same time building their international personal and career plans.

CEFAM’s academic approach has been specifically designed to develop our students’ professional attitude and guide them in their career choices through: