47 rue Sergent Michel Berthet
    69009 Lyon, FRANCE
    +33 4 72 85 73 63


The only business school in France that allows 100% of its students to study abroad in an American university

Established in 1986, CEFAM educates future decision makers and managers who will be putting their skills to work for international companies.

For the past 30 years, CEFAM has been preparing the leaders and managers of tomorrow.

Very professionalizing, our academic system, based on the American business school one, supports and guides our students in their choices for their futures.

The school prepares its students for careers in management through:

=> Its academic organization, in association with several renowned American universities

=> The dual degree: earn two degrees simultaneously: The French CEFAM degree is recognized in France and Europe, certified level I by the French government. An American degree from an American university accredited by AACSB (business school’s reference certification)

Our graduated are employed in high level positions throughout the world.

Study at CEFAM within the Campus HEP Lyon – René Cassin

CEFAM is the partner of your success

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