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Kathryn Nicholas Guillot


Kathryn Nicholas Guillot
Academic Specialist
Centre d’Etudes Franco-Américain de Management (CEFAM)

Born and raised in the United States, Kathryn Nicholas Guillot has spent most of her career working in the field of international education in France. After earning her degrees in both Finance and French, Kathryn chose to follow her heart and move permanently to France where she began working for CEFAM (Centre d’Etudes Franco-Américain de Management).
During the past 27 years with CEFAM, Kathryn has worked as part of the faculty and administration before serving as director of CEFAM for several years. She has extensive experience in language acquisition and education and has significant expertise in handling diverse learning groups in an international setting.
In her current position of Academic Specialist at CEFAM, Kathryn spearheads various projects in liaison with European and international academic and institutional partners, including AACSB, RNCP, and ERASMUS. In addition, she continues to teach courses in French and American language and cultural studies.
She resides in Lyon, France with her French husband and two teenage children