Témoignage : de l’Ouzbékistan à Lyon avec Erasmus+

Nazokat Kasymovan professor Uzbekistan in Lyon

Échanges internationaux avec Erasmus+

Il y a quelques jours, nous vous avons partagé le témoignage de Chris Zanda, professeure en finance au CEFAM. Dans le cadre du programme Erasmus+, elle a eu l’opportunité de partir enseigner dans l’université TSUOS en Ouzbékistan. Elle nous partage ses motivations, ses découvertes et surtout son expérience enrichissante.

Professeure de l’université TSUOS en visite à Lyon

Dr. Nazokat Kasymovan, professeure de science politique et de relations internationales à la Tashkent State University of Oriental en Ouzbékistan, s’est aussi prêtée à l’exercice.

Découvrez son témoignage lors de sa venue sur le campus du CEFAM :

“I am pleased to be having an opportunity to visit CEFAM in the frame of the Erasmus Plus Mobility program this week. As the professor teaching Political Sciences at Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies in Uzbekistan.

I was interested in the meetings and conversations with Dr. Ruchi Anand to discuss many issues related to global and regional studies, gender equality, equity, ecological priorities, and sustainable development in Central Asia.   

As the Expert on Higher Education Reforms of the Uzbek Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, I received and shared useful information with the CEFAM and IGS Group staff on opportunities for cooperation between my own university, and other Uzbek higher education institutes, and French partners.

I hope my mobility visit will help to continue this collaboration and more Uzbek and French teachers, admin and students can benefit from different education programs in the future…. and  I think, Lyon is the warmest and brightest city in the country as long as people’s attitudes and their aura…”