Ruchi Anand donne une conférence à l’Université Européenne de Géorgie 

On July 10, 2023, European University had the privilege of hosting Professor Ruchi Anand from CEFAM International School of Management in Lyon (France) as part of the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility program. Professor Anand, an esteemed expert in International Relations and Diplomacy, delivered a captivating lecture to students of the Faculty of Law, Education, Business, and Technology at European University.

Professor Anandi delivered a thought-provoking lecture on the topic of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict and Georgia’s Bid for EU Integration. The discussion covered an analytical overview of important topics such as NATO’s eastward enlargement, the pros and cons of political and economic unions of states, and the characteristics of modern warfare, and expressed her steadfast support for Georgia’s integration efforts. The lecture stimulated lively discussions among the students through questions and answers sessions and fostered an interactive learning environment.

It is remarkable that Tatia Dolidze, the Head of the International Relations educational program and Vice Rector in the direction of International Relations, invited Professor Anand and recorded a podcast in order to share her invaluable views and global perspectives with a broad audience. The podcast, which will be available on the social media of European University, suggests to the wide audience a critical analysis of the above-mentioned topics.

It should be noted that the professors from the International Relations and Political Sciences, visiting « European University » in the framework of « Erasmus+ » staff mobility, will have the opportunity to participate in analytical discussions in a podcast format. The recordings will be shared via European University social media. The exchange of information through such means promotes deepening collective knowledge both locally and internationally.