Back to school and integration weekend 2022

rentrée weekend intégration 2022

The campus doors have opened for another school year! 

Our students are making their way back into the classroom for a great semester! 

We were thrilled to welcome our new students and get to know them better before the start of the year.  

Their year will be filled with exchanges with their professors, internships across the world, and be immersed in professional and fun events. This is one step closer to their international careers in management, finance, or any other specialization. 

To start off the new academic year, a two-day integration weekend, full of fun and opportunities to mingle is organized every year. To give you an idea, here is a snapshot of the 2022 integration weekend.  

  • Location: Die, France  
  • Team building activities :
    • Sports 
    • Games 
    • Foam Party 
    • A night of fun 

The perfect mix to start building relationships!

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