Mission Statement

Graduation USA Cefam 2019

CEFAM’s aim is to be the school of reference in Management and International Business for students from all over the world who want to:

  • Choose an educational program where international management is synonymous with respect, ethics, exchange, self-esteem, and the value of others;
  • Benefit from a high-quality education based on the model of the best American business schools, admired and recognized throughout the world;
  • Live an international and intercultural experience every day;
  • Benefit from an education combining Liberal Arts and business theory, resulting in a better understanding of today’s constantly changing world;
  • Experience a program taught in English which also emphasizes the importance of learning other foreign languages;
  • Capitalize on the opportunity of international professional experience;
  • Be taught by a highly qualified international faculty with advanced degrees in their fields and rich professional experience; 
  • Learn ethical management and responsible, exemplary and supportive professional behavior;
  • Discover an alternative way of learning: small class size, innovative work methods, modular course programs, group work;
  • Obtain two degrees simultaneously: one European and the other American, degrees recognized throughout the world;
  • Develop a global corporate vision on an international level;
  • Grow and learn in an environment where taking initiatives is valued and where each individual is taken into consideration and encouraged.