Dual Degree program

CEFAM’s academic program is based on the American and Canadian models in liberal arts education. In order to earn a dual degree, students spend their first 3 years on CEFAM’s campus in Lyon, and their final year in a US or final 2 years at a Canadian partner university. They then graduate with both a French and an American or Canadian degree. The French degree is the RNCP level 7 “Manager of International Organizations” and the US or Canadian degree is a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in any Business major available at the partner university.  

3 Years to Learn the Fundamentals

The first 3 years of the program are dedicated to developing students’ knowledge in Business and general education courses, as well as professional competencies through the completion of two internships. 

1 or 2 Years of Specialization

After 3 years in Lyon, CEFAM students go onto choose their major in the following year. They have 3 options:

  • Spend 1 year studying in the United States at one of our 6 partner universities
  • Spend 2 years studying in Canada at University of New Brunswick
  • Continue at CEFAM for their 4th year, earning the CEFAM degree in Marketing or Finance

Post-Graduate programs:

Once students complete the CEFAM degree, they have the option to continue on to an MBA or Master’s program at one of our five partner universities in the United States or in Paris. They receive the same streamlined admissions process offered for CEFAM’s BBA partners with no additional standardized exams required.

The partners are:

Students who already hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business may be eligible to enter directly into CEFAM’s 4th year with the option to complete the CEFAM degree in just one year. Those students then can continue on to earn a Master’s or MBA at one of these partner institutions.

For additional information, please contact Rachel Stowe rachel.stowe@cefam.fr