Dual Degree program

CEFAM’s academic program is based on the American and Canadian models in liberal arts education. In order to earn a dual degree, students spend their first 3 years on CEFAM’s campus in Lyon, and their final year in a US or final 2 years at a Canadian partner university. They then graduate with both a French and an American or Canadian degree. The French degree is a Professional Master’s, RNCP level 7 “Manager of International Organizations” and the US or Canadian degree is a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in any Business major available at the partner university.  

3 Years to Learn the Fundamentals

The first 3 years of the program are dedicated to developing students’ knowledge in Business and general education courses, as well as professional competencies through the completion of two internships. 

1 or 2 Years of Specialization

After 3 years in Lyon, CEFAM students go onto choose their major in the following year. They have 3 options:

  • Spend 1 year studying in the United States at one of our 6 partner universities
  • Spend 2 years studying in Canada at University of New Brunswick
  • Continue at CEFAM for their 4th year, earning the CEFAM degree in Marketing or Finance
Cefam majort chart

For additional information, please contact Rachel Stowe rachel.stowe@cefam.fr

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