Management studies with ERASMUS+ program

CEFAM’s strategy has always been fundamentally international as the school was founded 30 years ago with the active participation of American partner universities. Through both the content of its programs and its academic organization in association with several well-known American universities, CEFAM prepares its students for careers in corporate management.

Today, the CEFAM program enables all of its students to simultaneously earn the CEFAM degree (certified Level I by the French government) and a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) from the American partner university of their choice.

Since it was founded, CEFAM has positioned itself as an institution specialized in international education and the development of competencies based on a network of corporate partners and alumni throughout the 5 continents. Our goal of corporate recognition is in keeping with our overall strategy and requires us to be in sync with professional savoir-faire and behaviors and to adapt our work methods to remain relevant to the job market.

For this reason, the CEFAM program includes several mandatory internship periods for a total of 9 months minimum of corporate experience, allowing our students an opportunity to put their skills into practice. Since 2007, more and more CEFAM students have been able to complete internships within the European Union thanks to ERASMUS grants. We intend to strongly promote this opportunity and to make it a focal point of our development. Our corporate network “CEFAM CONNECT” has been built with more than 2500 internationally minded companies, all CEFAM partners, and our Alumni who are of course at the heart of this network. We aim at developing global partnerships with well-known companies by centering corporate relations and educational methods on the real needs of our stake-holders.

Companies are looking for employees who are adaptable, self-reliant, and open to other cultures. Language abilities are especially necessary, with a clear priority given to a perfect mastery of English. On the job market, graduates who have opted for a “Business and Management” program with an international focus have the advantage especially when their résumé includes significant foreign experience, whether for studies or internships.

In addition, international mobility presents opportunities to exchange and analyze practices in order to improve our own methods and tools. We are making every effort to develop strategic alliances to reinforce our international visibility and continue the outgoing international mobility of our students and our administrative staff and faculty. At the same time, we are continuing to develop incoming international mobility by increasing the number of international students in our programs through exchanges and the creation of “tailor made” programs.

  • The quality and recognition of the institution – all of CEFAM’s partners are AACSB accredited
  • professional opportunities that correspond to our programs the added value of the institution (campus, co-op programs, facilities)
  • the academic majors offered (“Risk Management” or “Supply Chain” for example)
  • a desire to co-develop joint certificates, programs, and/or degrees

The partner universities for our BBA program are:

CEFAM was a pioneer in the development of dual degree programs with American partners.

Students who finish their undergraduate program in the United States obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration degree conferred by the AACSB accredited American university where they spent their 4th year and the CEFAM Degree, certified Level 7 (previously Level 1) by the French government – “Manager des organisations à l’international” (registered with the RNCP, as appeared in the Official Journal of 22 August 2012, NSL code 310m).

For historical reasons, CEFAM’s institutional partners are located in North America, but the use of the American language and the adoption the “Anglo-Saxon” format do not simply make CEFAM an American school in France; such a definition would limit the scope of our institution whose mission is truly international. Our strategy is to create a network of partnerships throughout the world, with the objective of developing bilingual and bicultural programs based on the American model, dual degree programs, and other projects involving international cooperation. ERASMUS+ represents a new opportunity for CEFAM to explore other regions.

Our international strategy is also visible every day within our walls through the increasing numbers of foreign students enrolled in our programs and our English speaking international faculty.

The objectives of all our mobility activities, not only for incoming and outgoing students (whether for studies or internships) but also for staff, are:

  • To promote professional mobility opportunities for all individuals
  • To develop a European identity in addition to our “Franco-American” identity
  • To learn appropriate professional behavior in intercultural contexts
  • To acquire language abilities in order to facilitate international mobility
  • To reinforce curiosity
  • To develop self-reliance
  • To enhance employability
  • To gain hands-on experience during professional opportunities

Through the ERASMUS+ program, CEFAM students have access to ERASMUS+ activities and actions and benefit from academic, professional, and financial support on a European level.

In keeping with this European dynamic, CEFAM is also a member of EMA (European Management Academy), an association that brings together several European schools and whose objective is to encourage and spread knowledge in the fields of business and administration on a European level.


Since it was founded, CEFAM has always used a modular credit system for its programs: each successfully completed course module earns the student a certain number of credits. CEFAM’s academic organization is based on the transfer of all course work completed at CEFAM in Lyon, as well as the grades earned, to the partner university in the United States chosen by the student.

Additionally, in Europe, the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) aims at promoting student and staff mobility. CEFAM presents its academic programs in accordance with the European Union’s ECTS specifications.

Internship periods also earn ECTS credits.

Participant Selection Process

Logo Erasmus plus HD

In order to obtain an ERASMUS+ grant, CEFAM students must make their request directly to the Internship Department (to Germain Lambert) and have already found an internship that fulfills the organization’s requirements (i.e. ERASMUS + member country, different country from that of the student’s country of origin, no previous grant, etc), as students will have been informed of all the requirements early on in their program.

The annual overall grant awarded to CEFAM students is distributed among a variable number of students and the amount varies each year. As a result, a selection process has been put into place to determine the beneficiaries.

The following list of criteria is used to determine grant beneficiaries:

  • The internship corresponds to the student’s academic program
  • Minimum GPA of 2.0/4.0
  • Student’s diligence and behavior in class
  • Quality of the student’s internship search process
  • Compatibility of the internship with the student’s career plan
  • Arrival date of the request
  • The type of tasks required by the internship
  • Stipend or other financial allowance awarded during the internship
  • Student’s individual financial situation / disability
  • Level of mastery of the destination country’s language

Students who wish to apply for an ERASMUS+ grant must make a written request in the beginning of the semester and provide CEFAM’s Internship Department with the internship details agreed upon with the company.

Each request will be considered in the context of the other applications and a decision will be sent to the student by email. Those students whose applications are accepted will receive all the necessary forms to fill out by email also. The final grant will only be awarded, however, after the student has accepted and signed the ERASMUS + students obligations.

Group 1:
  • Destination Country: Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom
  • Student Mobility for studies: 270€
  • Student Mobility for traineeships: 420€

Group 2:

  • Destination Country: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal
  • Student Mobility for studies: 220€
  • Student Mobility for traineeships: 370€

Group 2:

  • Destination Country: Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • Student Mobility for studies: 170€
  • Student Mobility for traineeships: 320€

Distance Calculator

ERASMUS+ / Special Needs Support

Selected beneficiaries with special needs (visible or non-visible disabilities) should contact Germain Lambert ( directly in order to apply for additional ERASMUS + grant support.

Note: The French law of 11 February 2005 defines a disability as “any and all limitation of activity or restriction in daily life experienced by a person in his/her environment because of a substantial, lasting or final alteration of one or several physical, sensorial, mental, cognitive, or psychological functions, of multiple disabilities, or of a disabling health condition.”

CEFAM’s academic programs are international by nature and open to students of all nationalities. Specific processes have been put in to place to facilitate our students’ European and international mobility.

French Kazakh Friendship

Cooperation history

  • November 2015 – The very first meeting of CEFAM representataives with Kazakhstani partners took place in November 2015 in Paris in the frame of the visit of representatives from Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan and different Kazakhstani HEIs’ . A similar meeting took place again in one year within The International Forum organized by Campus France in Paris (September 2016).
  • June 2017 After successful beginning of cooperation with Universities in Almaty CEFAM respresentatives participated in the Bolashak Alem Bilim International Higher Education Fair
  • In Decembre 2017 CEFAM representatives met in Astana, with the President of JSC Center for International Programs, Mr. ZHANBOLAT MELDESHOV to discuss ongoing cooperation and its potential development

At the same time CEFAM representatives met with the representatives of French Embassy and consulate, Madame Alexandra THIRCUIR-MENS, Attachée pour la science et la technologie, Service de Coopération et d’Action culturelle (SCAC) et Monsieur Gilles MAMETZ, Attaché de coopération universitaire, adjoint du conseiller de coopération et d’action culturelle.

Also, meetings with partner Universities in Almaty (Almaty Management University, Narxoz University, KIMEP and Suleyman Demirel University) were organized.

  • January 2018 CEFAM representatives participated for the second time in Bolachak – Alem Bilim International Education Fair 2018 organized by The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and JSC Center for International Programs
    • During the Fair a strong French-Kazakhstani cooperation ties were underlined by the promotion of new scholarship program for Kazakhstani students willing to continue their studies in France. Click here to read more about it.
    • TV interview with Malgorzata Woch, Mobility and International Development Coordinator at CEFAM
  • Between 2015 and 2017 CEFAM applied for Erasmus+ International Credits for Mobility grants enabling students, admin and teaching staff from Kazakhstan to complete training/ teaching sessions and study semesters in France
  • Since 2015 CEFAM representatives cooperates closely with the French Embassy and Consulate in Kazakhstan, which allowed to successfully develop its partnerships with Kazakhstani HEIs

CEFAM built a cooperation ties with 5 Universities in Almaty:

  • Almaty Management University,
  • Narxoz University,
  • KIMEP,
  • Caspian University,
  • Suleyman Demirel University

Student exchange

This academic year CEFAM hosts 4 exchange students from Almaty Management University. There are also two full time Kazakhstani students enrolled in degree seeking study program.

Discover Akzhan’s (Erasmus+ exchange) testimonial and video :

Staff exchange

In Autumn 2017, 2 lecturers from Almaty Management University (Albina SalimbayevaDesign Thinking and Alberto FrigerioCommunication and Academic Methodology, and Issues in International Politics) visited CEFAM under Erasmus+ teaching staff exchange program, and delivered courses for CEFAM international students

Click here to discover Alberto Frigerio’s visit

Also, CEFAM lecturer, Erin Monaghan (Faculty Director) visited partner University in Kazakhstan (Almaty Management University).

More teaching and staff mobilities from CEFAM to Kazakhstan and vise versa were carried out during Spring 2018 and the following 2018-2019 academic year.

Staff exchange allows participants to transfer knowledge and skills between institutions, to create mutual understanding which is the base for a further fruitful cooperation, and to get rich international experience while visiting hosting institution.

Erasmus+ cooperation with Kazakshtan

In the 2016 and 2017 Erasmus+ calls for proposals the CEFAM’ projects were successful and the European Commission decided to support the cooperation between IGS and its partner universities in Kazakhstan by funding 15 grants for Student mobility for studies in France for 1 semester and 16 grants for Staff Mobility for Teaching/Training in France.

The Erasmus+ grants are as follows:

Moreover, from 2018, the academic partners are planning the implementation of student internships in French companies in France for a period of minimum 2 months and maximum 12 months.

The international partner companies participating to this new project will be chosen in accordance with the current labour market needs in Kazakhstan and their presence in both countries. HEI have agreed on the following principles:

  • Students who will benefit from these grants for work placement will have to be Kazakhstani citizens fluent in Kazakh, Russian and English languages
  • These students will also benefit in France from compulsory French language courses. This project will aim at training the future Kazakh elite.

Currently partners discuss the possibility to create together double degree programs (Joint Bachelor Degree), and organize short and long term trainings sessions for its staff and students.

  • Spent a wonderful week at Siena College this past February. Had the opportunity to meet fellow profs; lecture formally & informally in different classes & disciplines, share my professional experience in complement to academic principles and was also able to share some time with the CEFAM students finishing their studies at our partner school. An…
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    CHRYSSOMALIS George – a week in Siena College thanks to the Erasmus+ program