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CEFAM’s dual degrees, internationally recognized from CEFAM and CEFAM partners, add enormous value to any CV. This shows potential employers that this candidate has lived and worked in international environments, and in international teams thanks to this emphasis in the American and Canadian systems.

CEFAM is the only institution bringing direct admission to reputable US and Canadian Colleges of Business with no limit to the number of places available, thanks to our partnerships and their recognition of the quality of the CEFAM program. CEFAM students who depart to the United States or Canada have a graduation rate of 100%, of which 60% graduate with Honors.

A Career in Sales, Management, Finance…

The double or triple diploma opens the doors to various careers and opportunities:

  • Finance: Financial Analyst, CFO, Trader, Comptroller, Accounting Manager
  • Audit : Auditor, Consultant, Financial Advisor, Tax Manager
  • Managers: Team Leaders, General Directors, CEOs/Presidents
  • Sales: Sales Managers, Client Services, Buyers, Client Consultants, Export Directors
  • Human Resources: Talent Acquisition, HR Consultants, HR Directors

CEFAM Alumni Network

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92% in 3 months: After graduation placement rate

60 countries: the footprint of CEFAM’s alumni network

Many have started their own companies, others build careers abroad, managing multi-cultural teams, traveling the world as Sales Directors, Import/Export Managers, Financial Managers, Auditors, Product Developers, Key Account Managers, Marketing Directors…

Their Qualifications:

  • A double degree recognized around the globe
  • Multilingual
  • International experience

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Alumni testimonies

  • I quickly realized that we are living in a global environment and that the best way to “survive” was to have the best training possible. I realized that CEFAM would help me in my future because of the way the school is structured. If we omit the fact that CEFAM is an American business school,…
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    Cyril, Graduating class 2009, Temple Univerisity
  • I mainly joined CEFAM for its curriculum and the background of its faculty. In fact, after graduating from high school, I was lookingforward to applying to US universities when I came across a CEFAM brochure.CEFAM provided me with the possibility to begin an American business education from Lyon, France with the option of transferringto one…
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    Euloge, Graduating class 2004,Temple University
  • Picking CEFAM for me was an easy choice; while I had my mind set on a number of US colleges during high-school, the financial resources required for a full education in the US were just unfathomable.CEFAM offered me the opportunity to get the same courses I would have gotten across the Atlantic, at a cost…
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    Marion, Graduating class 2006, Temple university