Cyril, Graduating class 2009, Temple Univerisity

I quickly realized that we are living in a global environment and that the best way to “survive” was to have the best training possible. I realized that CEFAM would help me in my future because of the way the school is structured. If we omit the fact that CEFAM is an American business school, we realize that one of the key advantages of the school is that all the classes are taught in English. As we all know, English is the prime business language. Having an English language education on one’s resume clearly adds value.
Another essential key to CEFAM’s success resides in the partnerships it maintains with several well-known, AACSB accredited, US universities. Going to an unfamiliar environment is not an easy task but it shows an ability to adapt to changing environments, a skill which is so crucial nowadays. Once last thing that makes CEFAM different from other schools is the diversity of the student body. Not all schools can claim to have students coming from all over the world to study. CEFAM brings students together and teaches them to work towards a common goal together. Once again, working with students from every continent is good training for what is ahead in our future work environment. For my personal experience, CEFAM helped me to understand that the world had no frontiers. I had the chance to transfer to Temple
University to pursue my goals. I graduated with a double major in Risk Management and Marketing and landed a job before graduation. I was blessed to meet with some incredible people including teachers who helped me spread my wings. The education I received was definitely one of the greatest gifts I could have imagined.