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To provide a high-quality, international business education, combining the American academic model with a competency-driven engaged learning experience, to produce graduates able to define their own vision of academic, professional and personal success while excelling in the international management career they have chosen.


School of Management

For 36 years, our vocation has been to educate students from their high school graduation through to their MBA, instilling in them the knowledge and abilities to become skilled, international managers. Respecting differences, learning new languages, emphasizing soft skills development…CEFAM continues this mission of educating young people, to ensure they are fully prepared to enter a multicultural and international workforce right after graduation.

32 drapeau nationalites Nationalities
10 école Partner Universities
25% cursus diplome International students

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CEFAM is by definition international with students departing every semester for the United States or Canada. They may choose from 12 partner universities, with unlimited spaces, enabling them to extend their international experience beyond France.

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