René Cassin Campus

Built in 2004, and expanded in 2017, the Campus René Cassin offers incredibly modern facilities, equipped with the latest technology and educational tools.

CEFAM is a member of the Campus René Cassin Education Collective, a voluntary alliance among schools and institutions focusing on 3 shared values: Humanism, Entrepreneurism, and Professionalism. Across this collective, CEFAM demonstrates our belief in an individualized teaching style centered in encouragement, and empowering students to take their future into their own hands.

The CEFAM campus allows its students, faculty, and corporate partners to benefit from a learning environment dedicated to academic excellence:

  • Amphitheaters for 40 to 300 people
  • Individual study booths
  • Computer labs and hook-ups
  • A wireless campus
  • Professional equipment
  • A cafeteria
  • Lounge areas
  • Library and research facilities

All students have access to CEFAM’s learning platform (e.campus) allowing them to manage course content, publish documents and exchange e-mails.

There are 120 classrooms on campus, each offering different sizes and set-ups to better accommodate the needs of various student groups and teaching techniques.

The Campus Library is dedicated to knowledge, social sciences, management, business, and a better understanding of the professional world.

  • 9000 works
  • 150 journals
  • Subscriptions to many French and international professional data bases
  • 4000 digital works

With over 700 high speed computer work stations and terminals available to students throughout the building, our campus is in tune with today’s information and communication technology.

Permanent video projectors and computer work stations for the instructor, installed in 51 classrooms, allow professors immediate access to their course materials with a simple memory stick. In addition, the campus is wireless and internet stations have been placed strategically throughout the building for convenient student access. Each student benefits from personalized, secure memory space on the campus server.


The cafeteria is open from Monday through Friday with opening hours that correspond to student schedules. For our students, it has become the place to meet before and after class, especially given the 20 internet terminals that have been installed to provide quick access to e-mail.

René Cassin Campus is a collective established on December 1, 2014, by the schools and training centers of IGS Group and Camp Network.

IGS Group and Camp Network are 2 leading players in the French private independent education sector, sharing 3 education key values: Humanism / Entrepreneurship / Professionalism, emphasizing encouragement and individual support in their education model.

Located in more than 20 cities in France and abroad, these schools and training centers are committed to academic excellence and to the professional accomplishment of their students and alumni.

In close relation with a large network of companies, professional associations, and stakeholders in civil society, René Cassin Campus aims to create the first international label attesting professional education, based on humanism, academic excellence, professional knowledge and employment commitment.

René Cassin Campus and its partners position themselves as pioneers in the field of Social Entrepreneurship in Education:

  • Completing a mission guided by universal values in a diverse and changing world,
  • Setting relevant and coherent education objectives and taking responsibility for successful students’ careers,
  • Being sufficiently profitable to remain independent and continue to carry out their mission,
  • Reaching out to all sections of the population (students, people in need, people looking to change careers, employees interested in professional development opportunities, etc),
  • Providing all individuals with courses and programs that encourage lifelong learning and the support they need to successfully complete their projects.
  • 35 schools and training centers
  • 24,000 people trained each year, including 7,000 apprentices
  • Over 6,000 graduates per year
  • 5 core activities: schools, apprenticeship, cooperative learning, executive education, professional integration and transition
  • 16 campuses in France and 6 international campuses (Brno, Casablanca, Cork, Dublin, Shanghai, Santander)
  • More than 100 partner universities in France and abroad
  • 10,000 corporate partners
  • More than 94,000 alums in our alumni network, including 16,000 specialized in Human Resources
  • 88% of all companies companies who hired a student or alumni from one of the HEP EDUCATION member schools or training centers were satisfied with their recruitment.

  • Agriculture – The Environment – Urban Planning
  • Art – Architecture – Design
  • Communication – Journalism – Production
  • Law – Political Science – Humanities
  • Entrepreneurship – Social Entrepreneurship
  • Finance – Accounting – Administration
  • Real Estate
  • Information Technology – Web – Digital
  • International & International Relations
  • Marketing – Management – Trade
  • Human Resources
  • Health – Social Services
  • Tourism – Hospitality Industry

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