Tuition & Fees


CEFAM’s academic program, based on the American model, allows students a large amount of flexibility in organizing their program. Students may take anywhere from 4 to 7 courses per semester and adapt the semester costs accordingly. A 3-credit course is billed 681 euros.

cefam étudiante diplômée

Undergraduate Program

On average, tuition fees per academic year for the first three years at CEFAM in Lyon cost approximately 8,600 € per year.

The exact cost per year for the 2024-2025 academic year is provided below:

  • Freshman Year – 1st year: 11,305 €
  • Sophomore Year – 2nd Year: 9,176 €
  • Junior Year – 3rd year 5,317 €
  • Senior Year – 4th year (CEFAM) 12 912 €.
  • Senior Year – 4th year (USA partner) range from $32,000 to $40,000. Students pay their tuition fees directly to the partner university only for the 4th year.
  • Senior Year – 4th and 5th years (Canadian partner) Approximately 25 000 € total

The tuition fees appear in the study contract sent to each student before each registration and/or re-registration. They can be revised during the course from one year to the next.

The tuitions fees below are the ones of our partner univerisities. CEFAM is not responsible for any price variations.

Scholarships and Financing

Several solutions exist to help you finance your education at CEFAM:

  • Adapting your schedule and course load to be able to work part-time
  • Partnerships with banks for loans at preferential rates and many other advantages
  • Personalized financing plans available with installments
  • Honor scholarships awarded each year
  • Erasmus grants for European internships
  • Student jobs

Scholarships and Financing for the United States

Merit scholarships are awarded to CEFAM students based on their academic results when they transfer to select partner universities, ranging from $1,000 to $23,000