Management school in Lyon, a catalyst for professional success

Management school in Lyon, a catalyst for professional success

Studying at a business school in Lyon offers a rich and stimulating educational experience. In the heart of this vibrant metropolis, where the cobblestone alleys still resonate with the echoes of its glorious industrial past, institutions of higher learning were born here to shape the leaders of tomorrow. Indeed, the city of Lyon arouses the enthusiasm of ambitious minds and guides them towards academic excellence for several reasons. First of all, Lyon has a rich educational tradition and an environment conducive to learning. In addition, the city is a major economic hub, offering many professional opportunities in various sectors of activity. This unique combination of academic excellence and professional opportunities attracts students eager to develop intellectually while cultivating their entrepreneurial aspirations.

But how do Lyon’s institutions fit into the tradition of a renowned educational tradition, propelling students to academic and professional heights ? How does Lyon’s urban dynamics, steeped in its industrial past, shape the aspirations and ambitions of future business leaders ? What are Lyon’s key economic sectors that offer exciting career prospects for management students ? The answers in detail.

I. Lyon, cradle of tomorrow’s leaders

In the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region, Lyon stands out first and foremost as an exceptional economic and educational hub in France. With a rich history, this dynamic city combines tradition and modernity. As a European crossroads, Lyon attracts talent from all over the world thanks to its diverse and thriving economic fabric.

Lyon is the second industrial region of France after Île-de-France. In 2021, Lyon recorded the creation of more than 15,000 companies. These are according to data from the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry. And according to fDi Magazine’s ranking, Lyon is regularly cited as one of the most attractive European cities for foreign investment. In 2020, for example, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, of which Lyon is the main economic centre, recorded 134 foreign investment projects. This represents more than €3 billion in investments and the creation of nearly 5,000 jobs.

And beyond its historical monuments and renowned gastronomy, Lyon also stands out for its academic excellence. Lyon’s business schools play a leading role in this educational landscape. They embody the spirit of innovation and rigour that characterizes the city, by training the leaders of tomorrow. These prestigious institutions provide an environment conducive to learning, creativity, and personal growth. Thanks to their recognized expertise, they contribute to placing Lyon on the world map of management education.

II. Presentation of management schools in Lyon

In this context of educational dynamism, it is essential to have an in-depth understanding of the panorama of management schools in Lyon. In addition to training visionary leaders, these institutions contribute to the evolution of the city as a leading economic and educational hub.

1. EM Lyon Business School

EM Lyon Business School is a reputable institution. It offers a range of programs in business and management. The school is best known for its “early makers” pedagogical approach that encourages learning by doing. With more than 25 nationalities represented in its faculty, it offers an enriching international experience to its students.

2. ESDES Business school

ESDES Business School in Lyon is an institution that stands out for its commitment to responsible management. A member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, it offers a variety of programs ranging from Bachelor’s to Master’s degrees in Management. The school’s primary focus is on innovation and entrepreneurship. The school is known for its pedagogical approach that prepares students to become agents of change in the business world.


CEFAM, with its unique approach focused on international experience and dual degrees, offers a global perspective that may be lacking in other schools. It stands out for its academic model inspired by the United States. While some schools in Lyon focus on traditional curriculum, CEFAM prepares students for the world stage. It equips them not only with theoretical knowledge, but also with practical skills acquired through diverse cultural experiences. This immersion in an international environment is an invaluable asset that CEFAM proudly offers, and which can sometimes be underrepresented in other, more local curriculums.

Lyon School of Management: CEFAM and its 12 partner universities

III. Management school in Lyon, the unsuspected advantages

In addition to the quality of their teaching, business schools in Lyon also offer many advantages that contribute to students’ professional success.

1. Professional opportunities

Lyon offers a wealth of professional opportunities in various growing sectors. Indeed, the industry occupies a leading place in France, with renowned companies such as Sanofi, bioMérieux and Renault Trucks. It offers opportunities in engineering and technology.

At the same time, the digital sector is expanding rapidly. With the French Tech label, Lyon is positioned as a centre of excellence with world-renowned players such as Ubisoft and Econocom. This provides opportunities in the fields of IT and technology.

In addition, tourism and hospitality are thriving in this attractive city. They offer a high demand for qualified personnel in the field of hospitality and services. Trade and services are also dynamic sectors in Lyon. International brands and innovative start-ups are present, looking for skills in marketing, management and foreign languages.

2. A professional and alumni network

The professional and alumni network is a valuable asset for any student’s career. Indeed, the Lyon region is home to a vast network of companies, ranging from SMEs to large companies. These companies benefit from the support of local clusters and competitiveness clusters, favoring innovation and collaboration between economic actors. In addition, the consular chambers and professional organizations present in Lyon offer strategic and operational support to companies. This strategy strengthens the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

At the same time, the alumni network of Lyon’s schools and universities represents a dynamic and influential community. It brings together talented and experienced graduates. These alumni are often members of alumni associations that regularly organize events and professional meetings. This approach facilitates the development of your network and the creation of valuable contacts in your field of activity. In addition, online platforms are available to connect alumni and companies. In this way, they offer job search and business opportunities.

3. A vibrant student life

Lyon, a young and vibrant city, offers a rich and diverse student life, thus meeting the expectations of the most demanding students. Culturally, the city is full of captivating activities, ranging from museums and theatres to concert halls and festivals that frequently enliven the local arts scene. In addition, the many libraries and media libraries offer a setting conducive to study and relaxation. This is what allows students to effectively balance their academic life and leisure time. The events and activities organized by the student associations enrich this experience, promoting meetings and exchanges between the various actors of Lyon’s student life.

Four students, dressed in grey hoodies emblazoned with CEFAM’s distinctive logo, sit side by side on a paved bank, their feet dangling above the water, under a towering bridge. They are engaged in a serious conversation about the Lyon business school curriculum offered at CEFAM. The urban background and sunny daylight create an atmosphere that is both relaxed and studious, symbolizing the balance between academic rigor and the moments of camaraderie essential to the management learning experience.

Quatre étudiants, vêtus de sweats à capuche gris arborant le logo distinctif de CEFAM, sont assis côte à côte sur une rive pavée, les pieds suspendus au-dessus de l’eau, sous un pont imposant. Ils sont engagés dans une conversation sérieuse par rapport au programme d'études en école de management proposé au CEFAM. L’arrière-plan urbain et la lumière du jour ensoleillée créent une atmosphère à la fois détendue et studieuse, symbolisant l’équilibre entre la rigueur académique et les moments de camaraderie essentiels à l’expérience d’apprentissage en management.

In terms of sport, Lyon is not lacking in resources. It has sports fields, gymnasiums and swimming pools that are accessible at an affordable price. In addition, the vast green spaces, parks and gardens scattered throughout the city offer the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. It’s ideal for recharging and relaxing after a busy day.

Associative life in Lyon is just as flourishing. It offers students a multitude of opportunities to get involved in causes that are close to their hearts. It also allows them to meet new people who share the same interests. Student offices play a vital role in advocating for students’ rights and organizing a variety of events. The goal is to strengthen cohesion and well-being within the student community.

Finally, the cost of living in Lyon remains affordable, with a varied offer of student accommodation adapted to all budgets. Public transport is efficient and economical. Scholarships and funding are also available to support students in financing their studies.

4. Proximity to companies and institutions

Proximity to companies and institutions is a major asset in this journey towards excellence. Indeed, Lyon’s management schools maintain close links with a network of internationally renowned companies and institutions. They offer students privileged access to unique opportunities.

The collaboration between schools and companies is reflected in the provision of internship and work-study offers. This allows students to gain real-world business experience and develop their professional skills in a real-world environment. In addition, the proximity to recruiters facilitates the professional integration of students. They offer direct contact with key players in the professional world.

Partnerships and collaborations between business schools and companies also take the form of :

  • joint projects ;
  • interventions by experts in the sector ;
  • the organization of regular conferences or workshops ;
  • events designed to promote exchanges and knowledge sharing between students and professionals.

This synergy between the academic and professional worlds allows students to benefit from an enriching and stimulating environment, conducive to their personal and professional development.

Finally, the high integration rate of graduates of Lyon’s management schools testifies to the effectiveness of this educational model based on proximity to the business world. With a network of influential alumni and skills and knowledge that companies are looking for, graduate students are able to build a promising career and seize the opportunities that come their way.


In summary, studying at a business school in Lyon has many advantages in terms of academic excellence, professional opportunities or quality of student life. The city offers an environment conducive to the personal and professional development of management students.

For those who plan to continue their studies in this field, Lyon is full of varied options, each offering its own peculiarities and advantages. Whether at EM Lyon Business School, ESDES Business School or CEFAM, students can find the institution that best suits their career aspirations and goals. However, choosing a business school is a personal decision. It should be based on a careful analysis of the individual aspirations and unique opportunities offered by each institution. With this in mind, CEFAM stands out for its innovative approach focused on international experience and double degrees. Its courses are taught exclusively in English by native teachers, guaranteeing total language immersion. Additionally, the affordable tuition fees make it an attractive option for students. In this way, it offers a global perspective and a competitive advantage in the global job market.